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  • Welcome to Twisted Noodle Cafe.

    Twisted Noodle Cafe is proudly served a healthy dine in town. Our noodles are all in house recipe, which we perfected to tiniest detail. From making the noodles to the soup base, all in house made with freshest ingredients. We work very hard for the healthy and deliciousness in your mouth. Hope you enjoy your meal and come back to see us again.

    2418 Texas Ave S ste E
    College Station, TX 77840
    Tel#: 979-485-9816
    Fax#: 979-485-2941
    Business Hours:
    Mon- Sat.: 11:00am - 10:00pm
    Sun.: 12:pm - 10:00pm

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    Carol jacobe
    Was disappointed to find out that another seemingly authentic Chinese restaurant in BCS turns out to have no (strict-vegetarian) vegan options, even despite claiming it is healthy. It baffles me how so many never have a single thing, be it stir-fried vegetables and rice, basic vegetable ramen, or anything. Afterall there are literally over a hundred million buddhists in China, of which vegetarianism is common, with strong leanings toward (strict-vegetarianism) veganism in temples or just in general. In short - Why no purely vegetable dish? It's common and I'd gladly be scammed into not having the expensive part of the dish: meat/egg. :)
    Advertisement at my door with many grammatical and graphic design errors. It looks very unprofessional, and even if the restaurant has no native english speaker, they should hire at least a student to check it for them. Even MS Word would have detected the errors. If a restaurant does not even take care in communicating a professional message, why should I trust them to take care in preparing my food? Please stop leaving advertisements in our gated apartment communities. They are gated to keep non-residents and solicitors out.

2418 Texas Ave S ste E College Station, TX 77840
Tel#: 979-485-9816 | Fax#: 979-485-2941

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